Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

While living in Korea, I was frequently ill and had to stay at the children’s hospital many times. I became comfortable with nurses as they became my closest friends, aside from my mother who was always working. They made me feel special by providing me with security and emotional comfort. I considered them a part of my family. On the last day of my hospitalization, the nurses wrote a letter to me saying that they were truly happy that I am going home but were going to miss my presence. I strongly believe that with a nurse’s empathy and love, patients can recover quicker. Caring for others as nurses brings out the natural human instinct of providing compassion and hospitality to those that are injured, regardless of age or background. I learned a valuable lesson from my nurses. They taught me that they are not just your chaperone, but instead a companion that will see your health improve because they have devoted their lives to aiding those needing recovery. I was lucky to develop relationships with my caretakers as they helped me heal physically and emotionally. From that point, my admiration for nurses became evident as I declared that I wanted to become a nurse to help save others as well. Additionally, I also wanted to be a nurse who understands various cultures and provide healthcare to all types of persons. By learning how to show tenderness to others, becoming a nurse will enable me to provide emotional and physically support to those I love and around me. I will prove to others that nurses are much more than a friendly person in scrubs, but the backbone to enhancing overall health for all patients, worldwide.

jungyeon from Hawaii
College Junior
University of Hawaii Maui College