Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I suppose most people choose their career path some time around high school. For many of us, I feel like the career choice we make in high school never really goes as we plan. I crossed paths with multiple road blocks, change in paths, till I ultimately hit a dead end. This dead end has left me feeling empty, searching for a purpose and a career that I'd enjoy and feel pride working in, a career in nursing.

In high school I enjoyed math and drawing, so many of my electives utilized both of these subjects. I took drafting, architecture and CADD, a computer-based drafting class. I excelled in every one of these classes and found them to be the most enjoyable. After high school I wanted to continue to pursue a career within this field of study and went to Cal Poly Pomona to major in architecture. Spending a year studying architecture, I found I held no talent in building models. I eventually ran out of motivation and funds to continue this pursuit, and switched my major to Psychology which was another course in high school I had enjoyed.

While studying Psychology I found that my interest was pulled more towards child psychology and it was here that I decided I wanted to pursue a career working with children. Although I found an area of interest and eventually graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology, I still held little motivation. I had aimed to get a job as a social worker and work with foster kids, but When I got a full time city job as a clerk typist with benefits, the already little motivation I held to continue schooling dissipated.

Now being a clerk typist for 5 years I have found myself in a rut, with a career that brings me little joy. I still hold a desire to work with kids which has only grown over the years. I have finally found the motivation to go back to school, to pursue a career as a neonatal nurse, a position I have always found fascinating. It's a road I know will be a difficult, but a career choice I feel passionate about.

Jessika from California
College Freshman
Long Beach City College