Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

At 12 years old, the most intimidating thing to me was a six-page packet of words that laid on a round, wooden table in my grandparent’s kitchen. I sat in a hard, wooden chair beside my granddaddy while the packet full of foreign words laughed at both of us. My granddaddy suffered a stroke that impacted his ability to speak. I stared at the unfamiliar words as the walls moved in closer; I knew I couldn’t escape. I flipped through the packet and scanned the words to hopefully find one that I recognized, however, my luck quickly faded. I picked up the heavy packet and tried sounding out the words while my grandma stood at the sink drying dishes. She corrected every word I said. I felt defeated and knew that I needed to take action. I spent the next two days listening and restating the words my mom vocalized. Once I could analyze the words independently, I broke them into syllables to confidently remind my granddaddy and I that a word wasn’t going to stop us. Within weeks, I gradually started to hear him croak out the words we rehearsed daily. It took patience, a caring approach, and initiative I found within myself to hear his voice again and was the ultimate decider of me fulfilling my dream to become a nurse. Nursing is a gift. A sacrifice. A commitment to wake up and put those who are in need first. To take on the baggage of multiple families, patients, lives and to give your all to ensure every patient and family is aware and involved in their care. A patient’s voice, a patient’s supporter, a patient’s confidant. As a nurse, we serve our communities in the most vulnerable times, the happiest times, and the most tragic times. We hold victims tight, assist mother’s in labor, and help make one’s last breath everything they ever wanted it to be. To me, nursing is the act of overwhelming commitment, love, compassion, and willing. Willing to be able to act within a moment to save one’s life or to bring one into this world. This is why I chose to be a nurse.

Sydnie from Virginia
College Junior
Virginia Commonwealth University