Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I was waiting tables and bartending at a restaurant five nights nights a week and thought that I would do so for the rest of my adult life. I was happy with that. I had learned many valuable skills: ; like how to multitask a hundred responsibilities simultaneously and prioritize them in an instant, and how to treat every guest with genuine respect and a smile.I also learned how to construct a cocktail called a Black Raspberry Cosmopolitan, a beloved pink martini. A great bartender/server they say is a lot like a duck on a pond. On top of the water a duck on a pond is tranquil and appears to be effortlessly gliding atop the water. Under the surface however the legs of the duck are paddling furiously.
I had heard about Carol becoming sick, but I didn't realize the severity of her illness. I got a call from my Grandfather who told me that she was in the ICU of our local hospital. I didn't really understand what an ICU was at the time but by the tone in his voice I knew It was bad. Pyoderma gangrenosum is an autoimmune disease that literally burns one's skin from the inside out and creates crater like ulcers anywhere that it develops. People with the disease are known to commit suicide because of the unbearable pain.
When I saw my aunt In the ICU I didn't even recognize her. Ulcers everywhere on her body. Her face so swollen, she couldn't open her eyes because of the inflammation. When I saw her It was like a missile hit me right in the heart. We stayed with her for about forty five minutes before her nurse came in. When she came In, she came in like a duck on a pond.I still see her shoulder length brown hair and ear to ear smile about 40 years old. She cared for my aunt, they had a bond,it seemed like they were old friends. It's like she didn't even see my brother and I. Her and my aunt were the only ones in the room. I saw this in slow motion and really connected to what I saw happening for some reason. I went home and realized what I was being called to do.

Evan from Florida
College Sophomore
State College of Florida