Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

When I started high school I took health science classes as an easy elective with my friends. I fell in love with health science. I loved the science of the human body and more importantly the thought of helping and saving lives. As the years went on I took more and more of these classes and continued to show interest. I have been thinking a lot about what career in the medical field I would like to be in. This is a hard decision for me because of all the different options. This semester I am doing a clinical internship at Centennial Hospital where I get to witness so many jobs in health care. After watching surgeons, PAs, anesthesiologists, X-ray techs, cardiologists, nurses and so many more I have my heart set on becoming a RN. I watch what they do in the hospital, helping patients, helping other doctors, and enjoying their job. My inspiration for becoming a nurse is the classes I took and the other nurses showing me their job.

Erin from Tennessee
High School Senior
Mt. Juliet High School