Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Over the summers, I serve as a vacation bible school leader at Crossroads Community Church. For a week during the past four summers, I have led children in activities that strengthen their faith. One year, there was this little boy, Liam, who was extremely shy and introverted. He spent most of the day sitting alone, watching the other children laugh and have fun. I encouraged Liam in every activity and I started to see him gain more and more confidence. By the third day of school, Liam was interacting with the other children and he was excited to come to VBS. On the last day of bible school, the students were asked if they wanted to accept Christ into their hearts. Liam asked me if I would be able to pray for him and help him grow his faith in the Lord. I made it my priority to make sure Liam knew his savior. I fully believe that someone’s heart can be changed by being able to serve others. I believe that giving others hope has a tremendous impact not only on the lives of those who I am serving, but on my own as well. I know that the most satisfying way to live is by showing others you care enough to give your time, your support, your help and your love. This service project has had the most impact on me, my heart and my faith because this little boy affected me in such a wonderful way. He is the reason that I want to become a pediatric nurse. Anytime I think about Liam I know nursing and caring for children is what I am supposed to be doing with my life.

Sarah from Colorado
High School Senior
Lutheran High School