Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Nineteen years ago, I witnessed my father suffer a heart attack. He progressed into a vegetative state. From the ages of five to eight and until his passing, I spent my weekends traveling to and from different hospitals and convalescent homes to which he was moved. I grew familiar with patient care settings. As a young child I faced confusion and emotional heartache, watching my father die with each passing year grew painful. While he physically deteriorated, the battle over conservatorship became a legal matter. Despite this emotional conflict, it was the nurses who never failed to make me smile. They took the time to talk to me and explain specific procedures they were performing on my father, so I would not be afraid. I observed how they cared for him with precise attention. They inspired me to be just that; a nurse who could impact people during their own time of difficulty.

Throughout summers in high school I volunteered in the pre-surgery department at Regional Medical Center, where I gained a better understanding of a nurse’s role. From then on, I knew I wanted to pursue nursing.
In college, I focused on classes with one thing in mind; Studying was not just to benefit myself, it was what could potentially make all the difference in a patient’s life.

The nurses who cared for my father inspired me to want to make a difference. Nursing assimilates emotional, mental, and physical care for patients of all backgrounds. A nurse is the glue that holds together medical evidence based practice with humanity, care, and dignity, all while trying to improve quality of life. I know what it feels like to have a loved one in the hospital and how overwhelming it can be: wondering if they will be made a priority. I hope to improve the quality of patient care by offering genuine care to patients and their loved ones just as my father’s nurses once did for me,

Melissa from California
College Junior
San Jose State University