Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Sometimes, life throws things at us, and throughout our journeys or experiences, it sometimes feels like the dark seasons will never come to an end. But it is funny how at the end of the day, when we make it into the brighter season, we feel thankful and could be willing to undergo the dark seasons again.
I was only 16 when my grandma fell and could not walk anymore. My mom and I took care of her until she died in my arms.
Years later, my mom was diagnosed with a deadly disease. With the help of my aunt, I also took care of her until the condition became so bad that I had to drop out of school because my aunt’s husband complained that my mom had to move out of their house before she contaminates their kids. My dad who lived out of the country helped pay for a house helper, while I took care of my mom. Some nurses were so rude when I took my mom for appointments, and many times I told of myself, I need to become a nurse to show some people what it means to be one.
Fortunately, when my mom regained health, I was able to resume school and was sent for internships in local hospitals. Here, people with low income or no insurance were mistreated by the medical staff while in pain. This is when I knew I wanted to become a nurse, to make a difference. I always felt like doctors are aggressive, because they just come in for the solution; meanwhile a nurse is the one who spends time with the patient daily. I enjoyed talking with patients, and when I did, they said a lot of things that made me realize they were just lonely and frustrated; Which caused them to adopt unhealthy lifestyles that resulted in their conditions. I also noticed that talking quickened their recovery, which most nurses in the hospitals I worked in hardly did. II decided to do nursing and treat everyone equally, regardless of their income, their race or ethnicity. Going early to work without a salary made me happy, and at the end of my shifts, I had an inner fulfillment for making someone feel better.

Thecle Pashibelle from Texas
College Sophomore
Houston Community College