Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

What inspired me to pursue a nursing degree? I wouldn't say there was a 'what' that drove me to my choice in major, there was a 'who' that drove me toward a nursing major. My aunt is a Licensed Practical Nurse. She has worked in a local family clinic for years. She loves what she does. She is so passionate and caring towards all of her patients. She truly loves her job. When we go on trips with the church group or the family, we always say we are in good hands as long as 'Nurse Jackie' is around! She is so strong in her faith in God and I believe that is what drives her to always provide excellent quality of care. Treating others the way she would want to be treated and taken care of. Treating each patient as a child of God, providing the quality of care she thinks would be approved by God. Having a loving hand for all who come to her, just as God would! Loving her job is one thing, and loving the result of her work, seeing how she helps heal these sick people, is another. She has always been quirky and funny and full of life. She always tries to look at the positive outcome of the situation, and keeping that in the forefront of her mind the entire time she is going through a tough time. She looks on the bright side, looking at how good something could turn out to be instead of how wrong the situation could go. I want to be like her. Loving the patients with the same love God gives us. Treating the patients with such kindness and compassion. Wanting to be a part of someone's recovery and healing process. Wanting to help someone make sure they take their medication in order to heal and feel better. if I become half the nurse this woman is, I will consider myself lucky and forever grateful for her being someone I look up to!

Skylar from Mississippi
College Sophomore
Mississippi Delta Community College