Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

“Yeah, I know Sarah. She always has a kind heart, she's caring and willing to go above and beyond for anyone.” What I knew about myself was that I had a desire to change lives. I had considered what most people would have gone on to with the desire to help which is-becoming a doctor. Thinking to myself maybe I could see Sarah Sasenarine, MD or Sarah Sasenarine, PA. But as I did my research I came across something even better, what about becoming a nurse. As I read articles, I realized this was a perfect match for me. I could take what I love, which is the desire to give back, educate, and promote health-and most importantly being there for my patient. I read so much about nursing and the potential that this career has. Nurses has such an array of options to choose from-cardiology, pediatrics, obstetrics, oncology-etc. Not only can I do what I love but it’s a career with never ending learning. I could pick a specialty, and even become a nurse practitioner if I wanted! Now, seeing Sarah Sasenarine, RN not only is a name with credentials but a name with meaning and purpose. I have the ability to offer so much more as a nurse. I get to be involved in the care of every individual and family. Being a nurse, I am the front line of healthcare and the most accessible being to anyone who needs help-what a pleasure that is. I love how I can create a rapport between patients because not everyone is psyched about coming to a hospital or clinic. It’s a significant time for vulnerability and stress, and as a nurse I have the power to make their experience as smooth as possible. Nurses are noble individuals and it’s something I do see becoming apart of. The journey to becoming a nurse is not easy but I remind myself why I started. And I am proud to say I am in nursing school on my way to become a Registered Nurse.

Sarah from New York
College Sophomore
Monroe College