Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Growing up, I always looked up to my grandma, a retired nurse, and my grandpa, an MD. If I or any of my cousins were under the weather, we always knew to go to our grandparents to be taken care of. My interest for nursing grew with every visit made to see my grandma, or as I call her, Grammy. Every visit came with a new story about Grammy's experience as a nurse and I loved it. The people she'd met and the advances in medicine she'd lived through made me want the experience for myself. However, going into college, I was unsure of my capability to have the responsibility to care for others the way nurses do. I doubted myself and underestimated my ability to work hard at something I knew deep down was my passion.
I started out at East Carolina as a nutrition major, knowing I wanted to somehow be in health service. It did not take long for me to meet with my advisor and vent to her about my want to be a nurse but my inability to commit. It was recommended that I shadow a nurse at Vidant Medical Center to see if my thoughts would change. That short 5 hour shadow has now changed my whole future and is a big reason as to why I have been putting my all into the BSN program here at East Carolina. The excitement in Grammy's voice when I told her my decision will stick with me forever. As I gain clinical experience and learn new skills everyday I look forward to more visits with Grammy, my inspiration, and having someone not just be proud of me, but understand the hard work of nurses as well as nursing students. Soon, on December 13th 2019, I will graduate with my BSN and head on to take the NCLEX. Having Grammy there to watch me will be one of the most memorable moments of my college career.
Because of my major change freshman year from nutrition to nursing, I have an extra semester of the BSN program. This extra semester means one more payment of tuition that was not planned for. I would be so honored and grateful to receive this scholarship, putting me closer to my goal.

Megan from North Carolina
College Junior
East Carolina University