Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

In my opinion, nursing is the most rewarding and honorable profession in which I will be committed to delivering compassionate and holistic patient care. For me, my first experience with observing first hand the profession of nursing and how individual nurses positively affect the patient's plan of care was with my Mom-mom's chronic illnesses. I witnessed my Mom-mom's suffering ever since I was in elementary school. I observed my Mom-mom in and out of hospitals receiving care across all specialties of nursing: nurse practitioners, pain management, intensive care, skilled rehab, home health, geriatrics, and hospice nurses.
These experiences shaped who I am today, are close to my heart, and what I truly consider to be God's calling. There were so many incredibly caring nurses that went out of their way to express a beautiful regard for my Mom-mom. These outstanding and loving nurses really helped her sustain her emotional wellbeing with positivity and hopefulness that she would get well. However, there were only a few out of a very large majority that did not pay close attention to details. I saw my mom having to advocate for my Mom-mom when she was incapable of making decisions for herself. For example, one time over a holiday weekend, my Mom-mom needed a central line to be put in because they were not able to deliver antibiotics through a PICC line. My mom was worried that they were delaying patient care because no one was available to perform it, nor were we reassured that there was someone on call ready to respond. When the doctor came into the room, he questioned the nurse why my Mom-mom was lingering and not receiving the antibiotics. He said, "I would have advocated in the same way." In the end, he performed the procedure. When I am a nurse and treating a patient with either a terminal illness or complications as a geriatric patient, I will be mindful that this person matters and I will always maintain an empathic presence as an advocate for excellent care. Every person's life matters to me and I will always maintain dignity and grace. Most importantly I believe it is a nurse's duty to be present and willing to honor a patient's journey...transitioning to the next life.
Several things that I can relate to with the greatest nurse of all time, Florence Nightingale, is her regard that individuals can be the best experts of their own health. In my opinion, her philosophy was 200+ years ahead of her time by promoting preventative care, self-care, "safeguard from infection." Like Nightingale, I think it is important "...for the sick to have the best." I believe in my strengths and what I can offer to the profession with my communication skills, my respect for others, and my mission to serve. I will find nursing rewarding on a personal level because it will nourish my soul, give my life purpose, and provide financially for my life.

Ginger from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Kennett High School