Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

How many times over the years have you been asked by parents and teachers, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” The first obvious answer was princess due to my obsession with Disney. As time went on, those plans changed to a veterinarian, firefighter and finally nurse. The earlier career plans were not based on anything concrete so they were easily altered. However, my decision to pursue nursing was based on several personal life experiences and the desire to help others.
Why change to nursing, a career that is much less glamorous than a princess? In my 19 years, I have come in contact with many nurses for various reasons. Although I was too young at birth to remember the nurses who first took care of me, the countless Emergency Room visits due to soccer injuries brought me to recognize the familiar, kind faces at my local hospital. Whether it was the nurse at my doctor’s office that was gentle when giving shots or the school nurse who put a smile on my face when I was feeling my worst, I remembered. Finally, I remember the nurses who woke me up to take my vitals, brought me my breakfast with a smile, and those who complimented my improvement with my AMPS treatment program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. They all left a lasting impact on me.
In Middle School, I had to witness a friend struggle with and ultimately lose her battle with Leukemia. I witnessed how her nurses constantly talked to her and became closer to her every day even though she could not talk back and was not improving. I also witnessed their heartache when she passed.
I could not imagine a better profession than one that connects with many different people on such a uniquely personal level. The early dreams that seemed so distant have now turned into short term dreams such as: being accepted to Penn State’s Nursing Program, wearing my first set of scrubs, my first clinical assignment, passing the Nursing Boards and finding the perfect spot for me to pursue my Nursing career.

Lindsey from New Jersey
College Freshman
Pennsylvania State University