Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Being an exceptional graduate student in the AE-MSN LeaDS track, I believe that I merit a scholarship based not only on my professional experience, academic excellence, and ever-expanding skill set, but also for my heartfelt initiative to make a difference. Scholastically, my undergraduate qualifications include the expedient completion of both a BS in Neurobiology and a BA in Anthropology from the University of Texas. Completion of both degrees in 3.5 years required me to employ exemplary self-discipline, time-management skills, flexibility, adaptability, and direct adherence to course schedule requirements. Serendipitously, my academic passions led me down a pre-medical pathway, and I quickly became enthralled by the prospect of a career in the medical sciences. Now a graduate student, I lean towards pursuing the Mental Health Nurse Practitioner route because I am inspired by the impact that I will make to our health care system.
As I have attended countless lectures and accrued more than 600 hours of clinical experience shadowing physicians, nurses, and paramedics, I am hyper-aware that our healthcare system is not sustainable. The American healthcare system has to reform drastically to meet the needs of our demanding population by shifting towards patient-centered care with a reduction in cost, improvements in patient outcomes, and more accountability on behalf of health care providers, insurance companies, and our national government. Although I acknowledge that such advancements will require copious legal and corporate action to succeed, I aspire to join this movement towards an innovative, patient-centered, value-driven medical society. Also important to note is the absence of proactive mental health programs in America despite the outstanding proportion of total healthcare costs and other financial expenses associated with mental illness. In that regard, it should be a priority for our medical society to practice medicine in an effective yet affordable way.

Vickie from Texas
College Junior
University of Texas at Austin