Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My interest in the medical field began at a very early age so, when I enlisted in the United States Navy it was my first choice. I was trained at Bethesda Naval Hospital as a Surgical Tech. and it was there that I was inspired by Lt. Commander Gallagher, our Operating Room Charge Nurse. She was a woman of character and strength and I marveled at how she cared deeply for her patients. She was thorough and simply would not tolerate anything less than for all of us to provide exceptional quality care and attention to all of the patients in our care. Once during a procedure, the sterile field was broken because one of the surgeons threw a sharp instrument across the table (he was irritated that I handed him the wrong instrument). This caused a tear and a breach of sterile field. Lt.Com. Gallagher was quick to take action to protect the patient and to correct that Surgeon. This took guts because the Surgeon outranked her, but when I asked her if she would get into trouble she stated "OH NO! When it comes to my job this is my O.R. and that is MY patient!" That opened my eyes.
Being a primary caregiver in the last decade, has really inspired me to take the first step and get all of the prerequisites for nursing done. My family's health conditions included chronic and terminal disease which gradually lead to a complete decline in physical ability. During this time, we had to overcome some obstacles to quality care and in some cases, to getting care at all. I developed a passion to ensure that every person that needs this type of care not only receive the best medical attention but also have the opportunity to enjoy all aspects of life no matter what their condition might be.
I'm inspired to become an RN so that I can fill a need for exceptional care of the elderly, victims of stroke, brain injury and the disabled. I also hope to effect change to policy and practices to ensure that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs are met for all patients.

Christina from Florida
College Sophomore
Valencia College