Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My name is Sachi Timmons. I am an Army veteran, first generation college student, independent woman, and I have had to fight for the opportunities that I have been afforded. I did not grow up dreaming of becoming a nurse. Growing up with a single-parent home that was riddled with untreated mental illness was extremely hard for me. Instead of dreaming about what I wanted to be when I got older, I was focused on when our next meal was. My senior year of high school I decided to join the Army. I spent the next four years overseas. During that time, I saw the poverty that underprivileged communities had to face and the lack of adequate healthcare to locals. The real epiphany moment that brought me to nursing was an interaction that I had with a young mother in a small Filipino village. I was very sick and trying to buy some medicine to settle my stomach. The young mother helped me translate to the shop owner what I needed. To say thank you, I offered to buy her and her daughter lunch. We sat and ate pork adobo. She spoke broken English, and told me that her baby had gotten very sick a few month prior. She had to take a motorbike ride four hours in order to get minimal care. The mother started to tear up as she shared her story with me. In this moment, I realized that nursing is what I needed to do. During my nursing academics and career I plan to provide patients and their families in my nursing career, with the care and compassion that all people deserve.

Sachi from California
College Sophomore
California State University East Bay