Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I was told throughout high school by parents of my swimmers I taught that I should teach. “You work so well with my child” said one parent, “He really responds to you” another said. I loved working with children, but teaching wasn’t a career that interested me. I had lofty goals of being a doctor. As I entered into the summer before senior year of high school, I began to research what a doctor really does for his or her patients. I found that they write a script and they treat you after the nurse, but what I wanted in my career was the patient interaction. The discussion and conversation aspect were the main characteristic of one specific job, a nurse.
I came to the realization that summer that pediatric nursing may be my calling. It was the perfect combination of patient interaction, medicine and the niche I seemed to have for bonding with children.
I decided to test this theory as I walked into Sadler Health Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania which serves underprivileged children and families, that same summer. I had no idea what my opinion on the career was going to be, but I wanted to see exactly what pediatric nursing entailed. I saw the communication techniques, the challenges and the reward of pediatric nursing in those few short hours I shadowed at Sadler. The experiences showed me that nursing is not just about teaching children and parents how to improve their child’s health, but it is also about being a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to the children and family’s lives. The interaction was amazing and pure, and the ability that the pediatric nurse practitioner I followed had to bond with her patients was inspiring. That experience solidified my love for nursing, my want to pursue a career in pediatrics, specifically with underprivileged children, and my decision to apply nursing to colleges. Each year I continue to build upon that experience that showed me that nursing was the career for me and gave me a passion for pediatrics.

Darien from Pennsylvania
College Junior
The Pennsylvania State University- University Park