Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Applying to colleges and deciding a career path is one of the most crucial life decisions that one must make. It can be a very introspective journey and one that constantly makes you question your identity and goals. It wasn't an obvious decision for me to enter the field of nursing, nor was it something that happened by default. One particular event, although it was many years ago, is clearly etched in my memory. My mother was working at the time in New York Presbyterian Hospital when the hospital hosted an event called, "Bring your Child to Work Day." That day, I was able to skip school and get a one of a kind tour of the hospital and explore all the different jobs that compose the structure of a functioning hospital. This tour fascinated me and I soaked in every moment that I had there. It was the first time that I personally observed the vital work that nurses contribute to every hospital and to our society as a whole.
In high school, I always enjoyed volunteering for extracurricular activities. One particular organization that I would volunteer for was the Mathew Fetzer Foundation. Once or twice a season, on a Sunday morning, we would head out to different hospitals and hand out toys and give outs to children in the pediatric unit and in the emergency room. I always loved getting together with the organization and looked forward to the days when I would be able to spend my time giving to others.
There is so much I have learnt from all my experiences within the health care field until now, and I know there is much more that I have left to learn, however, it is quite apparent to me that nursing is my calling and it is something that I sincerely love doing.

Dina from New York
College Sophomore
Touro College