Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Ever since I was in middle school, I've always thought that the medical field was interesting and have thought about pursing a career in the field. I've always respected nurses and doctors and I would love to take a part in what they do. Since nursing is a very broad profession, I think that it is a great profession for choosing a specialty that I am interested in and for being able to practice in the medical field as well. As I knew that I wanted to pursue nursing, I decided to apply to the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Direct Entry Nursing (DEN) program, which I have been accepted to. As I am already in the program, I have less weight on my shoulders and am able to focus more on successfully completing the nursing curriculum and not simultaneously worry about being able to be admitted to the competitive program.
As for my career goals, I would love to go into the neonatal field and possibly work in the mainland. My interest in this specialty stemmed from my experience of welcoming my youngest sister into the world. I still distinctively remember walking into the hospital room and seeing my mom hold my newborn sister, and being overcome with joy. I felt very grateful that my mom and my sister were doing well and were healthy. I aspire to become a neonatal nurse so I can help other mothers and their families to have the same experience that I had when welcoming a new addition into their families. Also, since I have lived in Hawaii my whole life, it factors into my decision of thinking about working on the mainland. It will be interesting to see how the nursing environments vary between different states and even in other countries.
All in all, I believe that being in the DEN program keeps me on the right track towards completing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. By being dedicated to my future career and maintaining my financial support and my grades, I will be able to successfully obtain my degree and start my nursing career.

Jennifer from Hawaii
College Freshman
University of Hawaii at Manoa