Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

In sixth grade, I spent nearly a week in the hospital due to severe stomach pains, and the inability to eat anything. At the end of the week in the hospital, I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder Crohn's disease. This was just the start of my interest in nursing, and being in the hospital. After realizing all that nurses did to help me during my time in the hospital as a child, I soon realized I want to spend my life doing the same. I want to help people that are worse off than myself, and to be there for them on their journey to recovery. I want to use my interests in human anatomy and passion of helping others to pursue nursing in my future. In using my passion of helping others and having a career in nursing, I can help people just like myself in sixth grade, when I was in the hospital struggling for my health. Through pursuing nursing, I can help others who need it, and feel the same reward that the nurses that helped me felt when I finished my journey of recovery.

Skylar from Michigan
High School Senior
Dexter High School