Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

With my cultural uprising and community experience, I felt compelled to pursue a nursing degree. By earning this degree, I will be able to continue pave the way for the healthcare providers and reform important policies regarding diverse populations. By witnessing the hardships that my family has experienced, it has encouraged me to obtain higher knowledge in order to better educate patients and advocate for more resource distribution in community health systems. During my undergraduate career, I found my first internship at the High Risk Maternity department wholesome and fascinating due to their specialized care for mothers’ and infants’ health. Women’s health peaked my interest and I joined the OB/GYN and Mammogram Committees at Paul Hom. I learned about preventive care and current issues for women, which allowed me to educate female patients with sound facts and provide guidance. These experiences truly excited my interest in women’s health and maternity, reinforcing my desire to become an integral part of such patients’ journeys. Given my interest, I hope to become a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and connect with community-based healthcare. Learning about the opportunities in this role and other specialized nursing fields gave me the drive and preparation that I need to pursue this specialty. The nursing field's commitment to diversity reflects my interest in caring for underrepresented populations. It will further develop and challenge my capabilities of handling aspects throughout an extensive range of health. In addition, it will expand my communication and critical thinking skills, providing me the foundation for effective collaboration with others. Completing the nursing program will provide me the necessary tools in becoming a leader in the nursing field, allowing me to expand the healthcare system. With the scholarship, I will be able to relieve the financial load off my family and use the funds towards my nursing education, aspiring to perform outreach.

Bonnie from California
College Junior
California State University, East Bay