Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Throughout the years I have had the chance to volunteer in various poverty-stricken clinics across the city of Karachi. While I volunteered at these medical clinics, I also shadowed a family physician and carefully noted his unique situations and procedures. By spending my time talking to him and his patients, I discovered an untapped sense of confidence within me of dealing on a personal level with people I had never met before. This confidence was the stepping-stone for me in establishing the essential qualities of a nurse, such as good listening skills, effectual decision making, perceptiveness, and a genuine concern for others over the years. I learned that simply by listening and using kind words and gestures, I formed many close relationships that have continued even today. The utter joy I felt by aiding both, people in desperation as well as people in need of a human touch, ultimately was the guiding light which led me to see how rewarding it was to help others, and how easy it was to make differences in peoples’ lives. Success to me means being a nurse who transcends economic and cultural barriers to help bring excellent healthcare to medically underserved parts of the world. By receiving this scholarship, I believe that with the hands on guidance I will not only become a good student but someone with the proper guidance that enriches my passion for science, a quality that is essential for a nurse.

Zaina from Texas
College Sophomore
Houston Community College