Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Nursing is a highly regarded and competitive career that challenges and shapes people into well-rounded and successful individuals. A career as a nurse offers numerous advantages and allows one to expand their knowledge in many different fields. I took many aspects into consideration when deciding on a career in nursing. My career objectives have stemmed from both personal experiences and programs through my high school. I chose nursing due to my desire to empathize with others, my wish to continue benefitting the community, and my shadowing experiences within the hospital.
Primarily, it is my own personal experiences that will allow me to relate to others going through difficult times. At the age of five, I was diagnosed with a benign eye tumor. Five years later, in 2010, a follow-up MRI for the tumor showed an AVM in my brain. In 2015, an enlarged lymph node in my neck led to the diagnosis of thyroid cancer. Throughout my life, I have found myself enveloped in the medical field. I believe that my ability to understand from a patient’s perspective helped me to realize that nursing is the career that I would like to pursue.
During my sophomore year in high school, I participated in the Leadership Franklin County Youth Program. In a group community service project, we focused on helping the pediatric unit of the Chambersburg Hospital. We collected stuffed animals, coloring books, and other items through donations given from people within the community. After completing the project, I knew that I wanted to work towards a career in the medical field. I wish to continue to help the community and my participation in the pediatric project helped me decide that nursing is the major for me.
My ambition to obtain a position as a nurse was further developed through the Healthcare Careers Institute program offered at my high school. This program gave me the opportunity to shadow in different departments of the hospital such as the Cath lab, Radiology, Oncology, and Family Birthing. These experiences made me realize that nursing offers stability because the world will always need nurses to care for those who are sick. Having a reliable job is important to my future as a nurse.
My personal experiences within the medical field as well as my participation in shadowing programs throughout high school have led me to pursue a career in nursing. I plan to earn my bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2022 and obtain a job soon after. It is my goal to work as an intensive care or critical care nurse to help prepare me for graduate school. I had the wonderful opportunity to shadow a Nurse Anesthetist in the operating room and this experience has inspired me to become a Nurse Anesthetist. Once I finish graduate school I would like to work as a Nurse Anesthetist and continue to build my career from there. Although it will take many years to reach my ultimate goal, I look forward to learning all that I can in the rewarding field of nursing.
In conclusion, I chose to pursue a career in nursing because I believe that I am well-suited for a job in the medical field. My own experiences and the dependability of the medical field have helped to cement my desire to become a Registered Nurse. I am confident that my own personal experiences will not only allow me to empathize with patients but relate with them in a personal way as well. The knowledge that I will have many opportunities to benefit those in the community also helped me to decide that nursing is the field for me. My ultimate goal is to make a difference in the lives of others like so many people have done for me throughout my entire life.

Makenzie from Pennsylvania
College Freshman
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania