Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

To me being a nurse is so much more than the cute scrubs and getting to wear a stethoscope around my neck. It's better than the bragging rights and showing off your pharmacology knowledge when your friend asks if she can take an advil for the 7th time today. Being a nurse is about waking up before the sun, getting a patient's health history while they're still dreaming, and starting their day with a smile and a bright attitude. A nursing degree means that you can be smart, witty, and emotionally available at all times. It means that you can take into consideration your patient's concerns for end of life care while also assessing their lung sounds and decreasing pulse ox, understanding that it will never come back above 90%, and whether you agree with their course of action or not, you need to support them. Getting a nursing degree means tapping into the mushiest part of your heart for every stranger you meet, 12 hours at a time, while clinically understanding everything going on with them, and having to hide the pain in your face when you read their chart, but see their smiling eyes. With a nursing degree I can make somebody have the best day of their life, I can help them find a treatment plan that will get their live as close to normal as possible. I can hold their hand while they go through the scariest diagnosis, procedure, treatment plan imaginable, and I can make them smile through. My inspiration is my patients, knowing that I have the ability to make today a little easier for them is what pushes me through the long nights of studying. Waking up for clinical and making the decision that no matter how ill someone is, today they won't feel like the 'sick one' but instead they'll feel like the 'cared for' one is what inspires me to keep pushing for this degree.

Julia from New York
College Junior
Penn State University