Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Growing up, I had an admiration for nurses, as they were my primary point of contact within the healthcare community that I interacted with for my family and myself. My recent decision to actually pursue a career in nursing came about as a result of experiences while living in New York, where I volunteered for a non-profit organization, Hope for New York (HFNY), at one of its affiliates, New York City Relief Bus. This afforded me the opportunity to serve the homeless in meaningful ways through weekend acts of service such as preparing and serving food, distributing clothing and hygiene kits—and, most importantly, providing the clientele with spiritual support for the restoration of hope in their lives. Our services were complemented by nurses from the community who also volunteered their time, by conducting health assessments. How the nurses skillfully navigated often difficult situations, interacting effectively with our clientele was extremely inspiring. I witnessed how they provided reassurance and hope to guests who had deep struggles and were feeling scared or lost. At that point, seeing the very positive impact that nurses had on people in the community, I knew that a career in nursing was what I wanted.
My short-term (2-3 year) goal is to complete the BSN program and begin to develop proficiency as a nurse. Because I enjoy learning and feel education is key to remaining viable and valuable in any field, I plan to pursue advanced education along a Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Administrator path. A Nurse Practitioner role would involve a skillset that would enable me to work autonomously in an environment where I could specialize and continue to provide advanced patient care in the community. When contemplating my past experience and education, however, I can see myself in a leadership role as a Nurse Administrator, successfully creating and implementing a vision for a nursing department. Considering the same, my expectation is that my experiences in nursing school and my tenure as a Registered Nurse will shape my pursuit for advanced study as either a Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Administrator. Regardless of the particular path chosen, serving as a nurse will enable me to contribute to my community in ways that I believe are vitally important, providing compassionate and quality patient care to those in need.

Monica from Tennessee
College Junior