Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My professional goal is to serve my country in the US Public Health Service as a healthcare practitioner. In addition to domestic healthcare I aspire to work or volunteer abroad in either a long- term capacity or in short, emergency relief experiences. I explored various roles during this past summer by shadowing healthcare professionals in fields including an Acute Care Nurse Practioner (DNP), a Family Nurse Practitioner, a Nurse Anesthesiologist and a Public Health Researcher (PhD in Nursing). The attainment and completion of a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing is imperative in allowing me to work as a healthcare practitioner and pursue an advanced degree in nursing and the only way that I can attain my goals is with financial assistance. Upon returning from volunteering in Asia in December 2016, I worked as a long-term substitute teacher for high school math where I worked 40 hours a week. In conjunction, I worked 3 nights a week as a server, and attended community college where I completed the necessary prerequisites with an A average. It was only through determination, organization, and a strong work ethic that I was able to maintain such a rigorous schedule. I saw in myself the ability to fully commit to nursing. Through my service experience abroad, I realized a passion for caring for others through nursing and will apply that passion and zeal to my studies and eventually my career. Unfortunately, the only way to continue in this program is to attain financial aid through scholarships.

Cara from Virginia
College Junior
Virginia Commonwealth University