Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Job shadowing influenced my decision to pursue nursing. When I was younger, I was very active. My mom always signed me up for different camps and programs to attend. This one particular activity I attended involved job shadowing different fields of careers. First, I had no interest because it was a Saturday morning and I didn't know any of the girls at the event. Later, time passed and buses came to take us to our destinations. We arrived at a local news station and toured the place. There were newscasters explaining to us what they do and also demonstrated. It was very interesting to me, but not my cup of tea. Next, we arrived at Children's Hospital and I immediately became excited. I've always been fascinated with careers in the medical field. The girls separated by groups and I was grouped with a pediatric nurse. I never knew I could have such fun in a hospital. Everything she did thrilled me. Her connection with some of those patients stuck with me and I imagined me being her. Unexpectedly, she helped me find my passion. After the job shadowing, I personally grew a passion to care for others, specifically kids. In the future, I hope to continue making good grades and get accepted into nursing school to start my career journey.

Jerricka from Louisiana
College Freshman
Nicholls State University