Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Imagine constant trips to the hospital, losing control of your body, feeling hopeless, emotionally drained, and knowing that any day could be your last. This was me eight years ago when I was diagnosed with a virus that could kill me at any moment. During my time in intensive care, I lost my ability to walk, my white blood cell count diminished, and I lost 30 pounds in two weeks. After countless unsuccessful visits, we saw one last doctor who was finally able to help us by recognizing my condition as the Dengue Hemorrhagic fever. This doctor supported me during that season of affliction and found ways to help my immune system repel the virus, which was at the time, the only way to heal. Not long after this diagnosis, and through countless treatment, I was healed and able to fully recover. Being back on my feet, I recognized the significance of a supportive and proactive physician.It was through these collective experiences that I knew I wanted to become a doctor and impact lives as my doctor impacted mine. I quickly became fascinated with the science behind understanding how the body functions. This newfound interest led me to further my education in medicine. My plan is to bring hope back to parents and children who are on the brink of losing it all. I want to be a doctor not only to treat people but also to help them overcome their hardships with an optimistic point of view. No one should ever have to feel the way that I felt. Remembering what I went through at the age of thirteen motivates me to make a difference and show that being a physician is not just a job, but also a purpose. Hospitals do not have to be an intimidating or gloomy place. I would like them to be viewed as a safe place where people know they are protected.

Lea from Florida
College Junior
Florida International University