Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Choosing nursing for me wasn’t instinctive - in fact, it was anything like what I had envisioned myself to become. But that was before I looked beneath all the stereotypes and saw what it actually meant to be a nurse.

My nursing journey started junior year of high school. I realized I needed to find a career path that I was passionate about, and after taking multiple career tests, nursing kept popping up. But I continued to dismiss the idea since I was still clouded by all the associated stereotypes of what a nurse does.

It wasn’t until a condition led me to be admitted into the hospital. It was there when I saw professional, competent nurses working to save lives. When I came home, my whole outlook on what it meant to be a nurse had changed. For the first time, nursing was something I saw as a potential option; but I couldn't be fully convinced until I knew exactly what nurses did.

I didn’t have any healthcare experience or any nurses in my family, so I researched online, started volunteering, and took on the leadership position in the pre-nursing club. At this point, my goal was to really use every experience I could to grasp what it meant to be a nurse. Through this process, I learned a lot and was motivated to get accepted into the nursing program.

I’m in my second semester of nursing, and I could not be happier with my choice. There are tough days, but to remember why I want to be a nurse keeps me going. I’m not working towards becoming just a nurse. I’m on track to have the opportunity to bring my knowledge and skills to help patients receive competent care, to listen when they might feel all alone, and just bring a smile on my patient’s face on days when all hope may seem lost. Along with it, I have a plethora of options as to what I can do with my nursing degree as well as various paths for continuing with higher education.

Nursing- it’s not a plan B; it’s a humbling journey I’ve taken to find the right career for me.

Sanaya from California
College Junior
CSU East Bay