Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Leaving the hospital with my newborn twins in 2016 made me realize what my dream job needed to be; a nurse. I never saw myself growing up to become a nurse. I felt working in the athletic business industry is from my love and passion for sports. My career path changed on November 8th, 2016 when discharged from the hospital. I was not excited to leave with my twins as I was in such discomfort with my experience at the hospital. My girls were born on November 5th, 2016. The delivery portion of their birth went quickly and my girls were in this world within thirty minutes. The spiral of my happiness occurred when I entered the postpartum wing of the hospital. My nurse took over two hours to arrive when I would push the "call nurse" button. Due to the delay in the nurse, I wet my bed and had to sit in the seepage until the nurse arrived. Most people would think why didn't you get up out of bed? My body wasn't capable of moving as I had a cesarean surgery to deliver my girls. The lack of attention from the nurses continued when I would request a lactation nurse. I needed tips on easing the pain I felt along with how to nurse my girls who were extremely small. Failing in breast feeding was not an option as I feel this is the healthiest way to feed my babies in my eyes. I never saw a lactation specialist during my three-day stay. I felt like I was not capable of becoming a mother if I was not able to nurse my children. This caused me to fall deeply into postpartum depression. I never want any mother to experience postpartum depression as deeply as I have. These are the reasons I want to become a nurse specifically in the delivery wing of a hospital. I want to work in the healthcare field and make this my dream job.

Anjelica from Colorado
College Freshman
Front Range Community College