Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My most vivid medical memories is waking up with an abdominal pain in an unfamiliar hospital room. Some of the best come a year later while caring for patients in that same hospital. Over the past few years, I have experienced nearly the full spectrum of the medical field: from being a surgical patient to volunteering with nurses. These experiences not only led me to realize my goal to be a nurse, but are part of achieving this goal.
As I was preparing to enter my junior year of high school, I found that I would need major kidney surgery, unaware of how much the operation would impact my life. The time I spent as a patient was my first introduction to life in hospitals, and the nurses I had influenced my future as a nurse myself. During the weeks of recovery, I experienced great pain and was unable to perform even the most basic functions. I was only sixteen, but I was unable to walk or even shower on my own. it was during this time that I found myself wishing to care for others as my nurses had cared for me. This experience of major surgery turned positive as it started me on my path towards nursing.
The next summer, I also spent much of my time in the hospital, but this time I was a volunteer working with nurses. After recognizing my goal to be a nurse, I chose to return to help patients who were experiencing what I had been through. While at the hospital, I was taught to interact with patients and learned basic care from the nursing staff. This opportunity to volunteer in the very hospital that helped me through my greatest challenge solidified my determination to pursue nursing, and I gained invaluable experience that I believe will help me as I continue towards my goal.
Becoming a nurse and caring for others is the most prominent goal for my future. Now a full-time nursing student, I keep these past experiences at the forefront of my mind for motivation as I continue my education and career.

Carly from Texas
College Freshman
University of Texas at Austin