Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I never new more about nursing coming from Africa, I didn't know what to do in terms of career due to cultural shock. Then I had a baby and could not figure out why I was in constant pain and morning stiffness being a new mom i tried to brush the pain off so I could breast feed my baby exclusively for at least three months. When the pain became unbearable My hunsband talked me into see a doctor and after an extensive lab work I got diagnoses with rheumatoid arthritis few months after the birth of my child. I did not know what Rheumatoid arthritis was at the time. My doctor and the nurses did a great job of taking care of me all through my stay qt the hospital as well as during my pregnancy and delivery process they were all so sweet and kind to me and my husband, provided comfortable environment for us to ask questions and concerns we might have. These and more are the reasons I decided to follow my heart and passion to become a nurse because I enjoy helping people and see them heal from their pain and illnesses.
I am currently in nursing school for my LVN and can not wait to graduate and start helping with the knowledge I am gaining new knowledge and confidence from my wonderful instructors and the whole school team working to make this journey of mine a successful one.
I would also like to go back to Africa and help improve the healthcare system over there through education and the providing some of the basic amenities needed to improve the quality of life. Nursing is a noble profession and I feel honored to be one soon.
My journey has been a rollercoaster being a mom of two little ones, working part time and nursing has being one of the hardest but rewarding things I ever had to do in my life. Looking forward to finishing this year and passing my board's as well.
I have a dream that one day I am going to be a nurse practitioner and help as many people as I can to make this world a little better for the living and show more love and kindness to heal the world.

Rosemary from California
College Sophomore
Stanbridge University