Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My older brother chose a career path in Arts, as a writer and motivational speaker, after obtaining a bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. The battle between the society’s expectations of him as a Nigerian and his long-nurtured dream to inspire individuals through spoken words caused a cognitive dissonance that left him distraught years after his college graduation. Seeing him overcome this battle, coupled with the great joy and satisfaction he now derives from motivating young minds in Africa daily, through spoken and written words, has taught me that success is not the key to happiness, but rather the reverse. His story remains my motivation for a future career in a field that would bring me that much happiness and satisfaction in life. Thus, my penchant for a career in nursing. Another reason I am determined to become a health care provider is the fulfilment I experience when I care for people. Alongside passion, my dream of becoming a nurse is fueled by my determination to “be the change I want to see in the world”. My passion for this career started in high school, where as the Health prefect I assisted the nurses in caring for sick students in the high school health center. Some of my responsibilities included making the beds in the health center, bringing food to the sick students, and ensuring they took their medication as prescribed. Even though I received an award of excellent service from my school for the work I did in the health center, my biggest reward came from the satisfaction it gave me to alleviate the pain of my ill colleagues. In addition to my passion for offering healthcare services, I excelled as a student in health-related subjects. Throughout high school, I maintained A+ grades in Biology, Chemistry, and Health and Physical education, and received multiple awards for my excellence in science subjects and humanitarian work. Graduating from high school was more like an ignition towards attaining my dreams of becoming a nurse. The passion became stronger and the quest, to ensure the health and happiness of humans grew larger. I dreamed of contributing to a world, free of pain and suffering; a world where the penchant for care and compassion in the healthcare system supersedes that for monetary benefits; a world that would one day, see the end of chronic ailments and terminal diseases.

Prisca from Mississippi
College Junior
Mississippi University For Women