Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Walking through the halls of elementary school, I was a foreigner, unable to understand teachers nor communicate with my peers. Upon entrance into the bilingual program, these barriers began to fall and English found its home as my second language. This program sparked my passion to help others.
In high school, I joined McNeil’s Academy of Health Science as a possible career path. I fell in love with how healthcare professionals interacted with those around them. Towards the end of sophomore year, I applied for the Certified Nursing Assistant program that would encompass my junior year. Filling out those papers, I had no idea how great of an impact this program would have on me. Putting on those scrubs, interacting with residents, and helping in nursing homes changed everything. Everything fell into place when I passed my Certified Nursing Aide examination.
Prior to junior year, I started working at my childhood library. As a child, I consistently visited the library, filling my arms with fantasy books and Disney movies. Looking to give back, I became the kid’s program storytime and craft assistant. Each week I had the opportunity to read and create crafts with elementary-aged children in my community. The children came from a myriad of various backgrounds, from having divorced parents to qualifying for free/reduced lunch. Oftentimes, these backgrounds can influence who a child becomes in the future and the status of their education. However, I loved that coming to the library, children weren’t burdened with labels or buried in their challenges. The program was like a safe haven where they could listen to stories and apply their creativity to crafts.
My love to help others grew exponentially helping these children and I discovered that this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to help the younger generations; give them the care, love, and attention they need to thrive, no matter their backgrounds. Due to this passion to help others, I have chosen nursing as my path.

Vivian from Texas
College Sophomore
The University of Texas at Austin