Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Throughout my undergraduate years I knew I was interested in the medical field but had no specific path in mind. After volunteering and shadowing in the states and abroad, as well as working as a surgical technician, my decision became more clear.

I traveled to Tanzania in 2015 through a medical program with a pre-med track. However, upon witnessing the nurses’ responsibilities, I became jealous of the pre-nursing students. I noticed they were getting more hands-on experience and personal time with patients that helped to develop the trust and relationship necessary to provide meaningful patient care. As a surgical technician for Mohs micrographic surgery, I experience this feeling often with my patients. I have soothed patients as I locally anesthetize them, I have teared up with a patient as he described his son’s passing, and I have reassured frightened patients they would not be alone throughout the procedure.

Duties of nurses can be underestimated, but their work with patients is awe-inspiring. To have the ability to take part in healing a person or being the reason why someone smiles after completing a rough round of chemo is why I aspire to be a nurse. When I envision my future, I see myself singing a song with a patient while they get their blood drawn, hopefully distracting them from pain and bringing a smile to their face.

Danielle from Maryland
College Junior
University of Maryland Baltimore