Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I often became sick as a child, usually during my elementary to middle school years. I wanted to be able to diagnose and treat problems, save lives, figure out what is wrong especially if I or others did not have access to health care due to money or unavailability. While being a doctor was the prime profession, I realized being a doctor wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I wanted patient interaction. I wanted to take part in times of crisis. I wanted to start my life without waiting to finish my education and weighed down by debt. I wanted to join the healthcare field in a position where I was versatile, being able to adapt to situations, understand and solve a multitude of problems and I thought, what other profession would allow me to learn and apply skills all the while still be there for my patient? Nurses. Nurses seem like the underdogs of doctors but they are actually underappreciated powerhouses who are the backbone of the healthcare system. Nursing is hands on care that goes beyond prescribing medicine and sending the patients away; it is making sure they are capable of feeling and living healthy lives, free of disease, injury, and pain. This could be correcting mistreatments, medications, and even malpractice. They play every role a family member, friend, provider could not when a client is sick or injured.
So what inspires me to be a nurse is not just the illnesses faced as a child but also in uncovering a profession that never ceases to be selfless, educating, and empowering.

Kim from Maryland
College Junior
University of Maryland School of Nursing