Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Growing up I have always had a passion for helping people. Starting as a child in school offering to help my teacher simply pass out papers through my senior year of high school volunteering at a local hospital, I have always jumped at the opportunity to assist others. This inert pleasure to help and care for others has stayed with me throughout my life and has helped guide me toward my future goals. Fortunate enough, I was able to travel over various summers to countries around the globe and volunteer my time to help those less fortunate. My first endeavor I spent a month in Morocco. This trip helped start my interest in health in result to staying with families farming in the mountains, juxtaposing the busy, affluent city life. In these rural areas, I witnessed families’ struggling as a result of inaccessible health care due to the lack of money to afford proper treatment. My first exposure to an environment vastly differing from what I was accustomed to triggered my concern and interest in helping people on a global level.

A year later I volunteered for three weeks of community service in the remote country, Laos. This beautiful country showed me new traditions and cultures I had never been exposed to, while teaching me about its different customs. On a rainy day during this trip, one of my friends was running across a blacktop, slipped, fell, and started seizing. Terrified, I had no idea how to react; I wanted to help, but didn’t have any knowledge on how to approach the situation. My friend ended up being driven across the Laos-Thailand border to obtain medical attention there that wasn’t available in Laos. Witnessing someone in dire need of medical aid, yet their life being put at risk due to simply not having the resources broke my heart. This experience grew my desire to pursue a nursing major in which I would be able to obtain skills to help others, specifically those who do not have access to easily accessible health care like we do in the United States.

Erica from Connecticut
College Sophomore
Pennsylvania State University