Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I hold the belief that the world would be a great deal more joyful if every individual gives their time and energy into something greater than themselves. My decision to pursue a nursing career stems from my desire to care for people, but it was not until high school that I decided this. As a typical teenager, I rode the noisy bus home from school every day. My world turned for the worse one day as I had a stabbing headache while sitting on the back of the bus, my vision blurred and everything got louder. This was the start of my journey living with migraines. From that point on, I was a frequent patient at the hospital, neurology offices, physical therapy, and cycled through combinations of medications to try and ease the pain. No matter the encounter of healthcare, my pain was always lesser and experience more pleasant when I was cared for by a kindhearted nurse. My nurses listened well and spoke therapeutically. These are the real moments of healing; when a nurse takes the extra time to advocate for his or her patients. Throughout the years I had terrible days and wonderful days. My condition plummeted when I got a concussion in high school. It was suddenly vital to take charge of my health and find the best solution to get back to my healthy self. I realized that I understood what it was like to be a patient, to be so sick, to want healing so badly. I began to ask my nurses, doctors, and therapists lots of questions about their jobs. I thought about the way I had been treated by nurses and the personality traits I possess, and knew that I could be an incredible nurse. Years later, I am a junior in nursing school and living completely migraine free. Healing is not linear; my education is vital for me to understand how to creatively use my knowledge to facilitate recovery. I still have lots of experience and knowledge to gain before I am a registered nurse, but know each day that I made the best decision in choosing this career.

Kelsey from Pennsylvania
College Junior
Pennsylvania State University