Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Growing up, we spend our childhood admiring superheroes. From batman to superman, we watch in awe as seemingly normal people became invincible. As incredible as they are, super heroes are nothing but a fantasy. Their ability to help others and channel such strength once is seemingly unattainable, but I refuse to accept this idea. Although I may not be able to fly, or defeat an eight-legged man, I aspire to be a hero in my own way: as a nurse.
My first step to becoming a nurse was not my acceptance to the Nursing college at Penn State University, but when I became a caregiver to my mom after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Throughout her treatments, I was her hand to hold, shoulder to cry on, and sponge to absorb her ceaseless thoughts. She was afraid and I was afraid. The one person who was not was her very own hero, her nurse.
From the moment my mom walked out of her first radiation treatment with a smile across her face, I knew nursing was the career for me. I watched as my mom’s nurse positively impacted her experience by helping her feel comfortable and at ease with her health issue. In result, I watched my mom develop into a stronger person and turn her negative life experience, into a stepping stone in her life. This is why I aspire to be a great nurse, like my mom’s.
I hope to be the nurse to create a smile on someone’s face even through their toughest times. Nurses are as much of a hero as superman, overcoming the most overwhelming of obstacles. I look forward to encouraging and caring for patients like others did for my Mom and I throughout this tough time. I could not imagine a more perfect way for me to share my compassionate, loving, and caring traits with others in the world. These life experiences have showed me strength I did not even realize I had, and I hope to show others their capability to be a hero too.

Arli from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
College of Nursing at Pennsylvania State University