Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Dear Scholarship Committee,
It all started on a beautiful morning in a month of the year 2010 when the certainty of my dreams started becoming a reality. My father had just fallen while trying to make it up the stairs. And that morning was just an episode of what happens every minute he tries to stand or walk without any assistance. His ailment has gone beyond any medical interpretations, due to late medical attention, there was no cure for his crippled legs and deaf ears as we were told by the hospitals we visited. On that spot, I made it a duty to become a medical practitioner who gives hope to her patients, one who never says it's impossible but says let’s keep trying. A medical practitioner who sees life before medical bills. That has been my number one interest for my future, to help those people sitting around dejectedly thinking there is no hope for their medical problems. Unfortunately, my father died before I could even take a baby step towards my dreams.

With this Scholarship and so many others I have applied to, I know that I would be able to further my education in Towson University while majoring in Nursing, after graduating from my present college. And I believe that I can make a difference in my community and impact the world in a positive way. It will also create an opportunity for me to ensure that my father lives through my dreams.
Thank you for this golden opportunity!

Sandra from Maryland
College Sophomore
Howard Community College