Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Not a single battle in history has been won by a sole person—wars are won by armies. A leader without a group backing their cause has no strength at all and just like a building that lacks support, the leader will crumble. Devotion to the leader’s cause is the purpose of a nurse. A nurse is a patient’s support system; their dedication to another is what facilitates growth and fosters well-being. There is always more to a patient than what they were admitted for. Each patient and their families come with a heart of hopes, doubts, dreams, needs, and fears and it is a nurse’s job to treat them all. A nurse is committed indefinitely to a patient’s cause in order to limit the suffering in any way possible, for wars are not won overnight. These reasons are why I chose to pursue a degree in nursing. Having dealt with health-related setbacks and adversity myself, I have interacted with nurses who held sincere care and promise of a better tomorrow for their patients. Throughout my own hardships, it was my family, my friends, my healthcare providers, my support system, my army that carried me to safety and I would like to do that for someone else because no war should ever be fought alone.

Colleen from Pennsylvania
College Freshman
Pennsylvania State University