Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My mother jokes that I knew that I was going to be a nurse from the moment I got my first Barbie doll. Instead of playing “family” like a lot of other little girls do, I was treating my doll’s injuries with washi tape and pencil grippers; and, instead of a house, my dolls would go to the hospital. Now, 15 years later, that little girl is in nursing school at Penn State, working alongside some of the brightest nursing instructors and students in the country, as I prepare for my professional career as a labor and delivery nurse. In those 15 years, I have shadowed many nurses and doctors, volunteered at a local hospital, participated in medical camps, and obtained my CNA license, which allowed me to work at a local nursing for the past two summers. All of these experiences have prepared me for where I am today, and in turn, will make me a better nurse in the future.

Alexis from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
Pennsylvania State University