Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

As a little girl I used to attend work with my mother who is an LPN that works in home health care. She has had the same client since I was six and I’m currently 20 years old now. While attending work with her I was able to witness how much of an impact she has had on her patient’s life and this is what greatly inspired me to want to become a nurse. As my mother and I walked through the door I used to watch how her patient’s face would light up. Simply seeing my mom made her day because she takes such great care of her. Her parents would get very happy as well. On numerous occasions, at ages 6 through around 12 years old I would watch her perform her nursing duties and I was mesmerized. From packing wounds to simply providing a warm hug, my mother has always been great at her job and I wanted to follow in her footsteps. At 17 years old I decided to work as a home health aide. With this job, I have been exposed to elderly patients as well as special needs patients and with every patient I had, my goal was to make them as happy as my mom’s patient was. Sure enough I was able to accomplish this everlasting goal with almost all of my patients. For one patient imparticular, I had a lot of difficulty getting her to be comfortable with me. She had severe dementia with many mood swings. Getting her into a more positive mood was always very difficult and I was almost at my wits end attempting to do so. Finally, each day we began to listen to her favorite music which included Frank Sinatra and Whitney Houston. Although she had dementia, day by day she warmed up to me. By the end of the month that I had been working with her she even began singing her favorite songs again. Her son was astonished and said that she hasn’t sung for years, as she has had dementia for 4 years by that time. That is when I knew for sure I could take on the tasks of being a nurse. Although it is hard work, seeing the smiles and gratitude of my patients as well as their family makes it all worth it.

Kristina from Pennsylvania
College Junior
Pennsylvania state university