Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

What inspired me to pursue a nursing degree? It is my family. I want to be able to figure our what to do and what to tell my family every time they feel sick or if something is wrong with them. Actually, my mother has a lump on her breast and now she is undergoing some tests for them to know what is really going on. As a daughter, I want to be able to relate on what the doctor will tell her so that I know how to take care of her and help her in getting medical treatments. Aside from my mother's case, I am also a mother of a one year old child. Being a mother is not and will never be easy, especially, during the times when their child is getting sick. We all know that it is difficult to figure out what is wrong with a child who cannot speak any language yet and all that we can hear is the baby's cry. I know it's easy to just ask the internet about the symptoms that we are noticing, but not everything in the internet is true. How can I rely on my family's health care in just the internet? Being in a nursing degree will give me knowledge on how to deal with different health issues, whatever the age of a person is, and for me, that is really important because having even a basic knowledge about health care can help not just my family, but other people as well, especially, in times of emergency situations. A basic knowledge in CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation can help save a life. If will be able to finish my degree, I will not only be able to help my family when it comes to medical situations, but also financially because a nursing course is one of the good-paying jobs in every country. I know that my journey as a student will not be easy, but all I know now is that, no matter how hard it will be, I will still do my best to finish my nursing degree. It may take some time before I finish it because I have to be a mother to my daughter, but I will definitely get that degree, earn good salary to help provide for my family and lastly, be able to take care other people.

Rachel Ann from Arizona
College Sophomore
Cochise College