Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

For the major part of my life I have always been interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Since I was young, my life revolved around a hospital because my grandmother fell ill with cancer, and soon so did my grandfather. From asking the doctor constant questions about their equipment to taking a physiology and anatomy class, I found interest for medicine. When I attended the Expanding Your Horizons Conference my freshman year, it focused on women in science and in the world of medicine, and it gave me a chance to experience workshops that revolved around that science. One workshop specifically taught us the basics of sports medicine and I then learned the complexity of what it means to have a job working with medicine but also the patience it takes to work with people. These experiences inspired me to seek a degree in nursing because I found it to be a perfect fit. I am someone who over the years through my community service in church and at homes for the elderly, have learned how patient I actually am with all types of people. Being an officer for a club at my school for all four years has taught me the necessary skills to engage with people even when we happen to not necessarily see things eye to eye. Being enrolled into a four year university with the goal of receiving a nursing degree and becoming a registered nurse is also very important for me because with this nursing degree I will know if medicine is something that I am deeply interested in. If it appears to be that I have a big passion for this, I would like to go on to becoming a pediatric doctor or even a surgeon for kids. I also would want to become a nurse because it has a good income. Coming from parents that are first generation in this country they never pursued a college education because once they finished high school they had to work to help their parents with their finances. Pursuing a degree that gives me a stable job to be able to provide for them, like they did for me, that inspires me.

Xitlaly from California
High School Senior
Hayward High School