Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

There was a period of my life, when I was a mere 2-and-a-half years old, where I would not give anyone the time of day, unless they first referred to me as “Doctor Maddie.” While I have always yearned for a career in the medical field, my first hand exposure to it completely solidified this desire in the past 18 months.
On Thursday, August 17, 2017, I was involved in an MVA rollover accident, which left me with a severe traumatic brain injury, skull fracture, cervical spine fracture, tibial fracture, and complete ACL and meniscus rupture in my right leg. After this life altering injury became my new reality, this self-proclaimed perfectionist, straight-A student, and valedictorian’s idea of success, and ways of coping, changed drastically, to suit.
Though I always knew I was always destined for a life focused on patient healthcare, this became even more apparent to me as I embraced the extraordinary medical workers that aided in my recovery. As I slowly work my way back towards an aggressive, fast-paced degree in Nursing, and work hand in hand with Neurologists, surgeons, and physical therapists towards my recovery, I now realize that the medical profession is unequivocally where I am meant to be, no matter any disability I may now be seen as having.
While I may have education goals in mind, I feel that I embody better than anyone that sometimes things don’t go as you planned. I definitely did not plan on taking a gap year due to a near death experience, but I never would have met some of the most remarkable Health Care Professionals my state has to offer, if I had not. I also would not have ever realized my passion for critical care, and especially Neuro Trauma patients, if I had not been considered one a mere 18 months ago. While I have lofty plans of success for myself, I know that wherever this ever changing medical field takes me, I will thrive.

Madison from Kentucky
College Sophomore
Eastern Kentucky University