Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

We saw the accident as it was happening. A motorcyclist crashed on the highway right in front of the car in which my father and I were traveling. Pure panic ran through my body but my dad was calm, and as an ER physician, knew exactly what to do. Since then I have never forgotten that day and how lucky the motorcyclist was to have a medical professional right behind him to save his life. I knew I wanted to go into the field of medicine because I was so fascinated by how much people can help others using science and the materials around them. I am captivated by the idea that understanding how the body works can save someone’s life. I would love the opportunity to learn more extensively about how the body functions and how to help treat it when it is not working properly. After shadowing doctors and nurses around Aultman Hospital and working with the American Red Cross in Madison, Wisconsin as a phlebotomist, I am even more motivated to pursue the nursing profession. I enjoyed observing the passion nurses the nurses brought to their patients and I look forward to bringing that same type of passion to my work as well. I have experienced parts of this patient care with my work at the American Red Cross and am motivated to bring that joy of working with people to my future patients. I am excited to learn more as a nursing student to be able to help an even larger population of people with my knowledge and skills.

Chase from Maryland
College Freshman
University of Maryland-School of Nursing