Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

What inspired me to pursue a nursing degree is my love for uplifting people while aiding them to getting back on their feet and being the person they are used to being. Nursing is full of knowledge and adventure. You learn something new everyday in nursing, which is extremely exciting. I have been in healthcare, working as a certified nursing assistant and home health aid for a few years now. To bring joy and put a smile on the faces of my patients makes me feel wholehearted. Nursing is a very rewarding and selfless career. You have to love caring for and nurturing others in order to be successful as a nurse.
My mom has been a certified nursing assistant since I was born and when she took me to the nursing home to visit her patients for the first time, it opened my eyes to the career I had begun planning to one day pursue. Seeing the workers make the patients smile, laugh and genuinely enjoy themselves was such an eye opening experience. I knew from then on that I wanted to work in the healthcare field.
My clinical experiences have taught me that I am open to working in any line of nursing as long as I am able to be able to establish that nurse patient bond. My goal throughout my nursing career is not to make money, but to care and spread joy to my patients as if it is something they have never had the chance to experience. My goal is to make every patient experience a great one by never allowing a patient to walk out dissatisfied or displeased. Patient care is everything, and it is how you present yourself as a nurse to the patient that informs them of the experience they are enduring. Working in healthcare, I have witnessed deaths and births, I have seen the progress of a slowly progressing disease and I have seen patients work hard to renew their health as much as their bodies allow. Nursing is about the experiences, the joy, the feeling of elation and the relationships you develop with patients and their families that has inspired me to pursue a nursing degree.

Holly from Illinois
College Junior
Chamberlain College of Nursing