Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Despite the hardship of being a new immigrant to the States, I knew that I want to be here. I understood the importance of this time and embraced the struggles, because I knew they would help me succeed in a field that is academically, emotionally, and physically rigorous. I have lived in Houston, Texas for over two years now, and have not wasted any time. I am deeply interested in nursing and I know that this is my calling. I have decided to pursue my Bachelor’s in Nursing in University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. This is where I choose to learn and set the foundation of my future career as a nurse. My caring, outgoing and compassionate personality greatly matches how the field of nursing is. It’s not even the outstanding and obvious benefits of this career that is the most valuable but it is the privilege to interact and touch numerous people’s lives with the service and care I will be able to give that is.

It enables my career path greatly - opening my doors to a wider scope of learning. I think with this field, it is not just the numbers, lessons and classes that will be considered valuable but it is the experience that I will be able to gain that will be most valued. Nursing will give me the knowledge of how to deal with different kinds of settings which will widen my knowledge of certain procedures and studies which is greatly significant especially if I want to further my education and career in the future especially if I want to an acute care or oncology setting. Knowledge is a factor but experience that I would have with countless people from this study and career is more than what I could ever learn in school. Nothing could take my knowledge from me and with this type of field, it is how I impact, touch and heal people’s lives that matter. I know that through education, one can attain his or her dream. I simply need the resources and tools to help me reach my destination. The scholarship will significantly help ease the journey ahead.

Thea Marie from Texas
College Junior
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston