Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Nursing will always be more than a job or a career for me. As a young girl I encountered many obstacles but, the most challenging one was when my grandmother was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. My family and I spent countless nights at the hospital praying she would recover. While watching my grandmother fight breast cancer; I created a strong bond with the nurse that treated her. Everything little thing the nurse did to help my grandmother and my family made a significant impact in our hearts forever. I enrolled to become a shadow to see how life as a nurse is. I worked a 12-hour shifted learning everything a nurse encounters. This allowed me to see how rigorous the program is. Since that day, I’ve been thrilled to start my career becoming a nurse. Attending University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) is the first step in starting my future. My aunt was a former a military nurse, but after the military she worked at University of Maryland Medical Center at Shock Trauma. My dream is to work at Shock Trauma to become an extraordinary nurse. I believe UMSON will prepare me for the challenges that lie ahead after nursing school
I’ve always wanted to help people and from a young age, I knew I would be good at it. However, I didn’t know my calling was nursing until my grandmother took ill. Seemingly from nowhere, she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. While helping my grandmother fight her cancer, I spent many hours at the hospital and began to build strong bonds with her nurses. I saw the impact they had on my grandmother and my family and was compelled to find out if I could pursue a career in nursing. I was able to shadow a nurse, working a 12-hour shift, learning everything a nurse encounters, and realizing the rigor and commitment needed to make it. From that day, I’ve been focused on making nursing my career.
Attending UMSON is the first step to my future. I look forward to following in my aunt’s footsteps. She was a military nurse, then worked at the University of Maryland Medical Center at Shock Trauma. My dream is to work at Shock Trauma and to help those in need and I believe UMSON will prepare me for the challenges that lie ahead.
Growing up I didn’t always have an easy life. Many children have parents who are separated, but most have a system where the children are taken care of. Our arrangement was a little different than an average American family. By time I was three, my dad had left. Not long after, my father was married and was expecting another child. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have both of my parents raising, but I realize at a young age, I would work hard to achieve the American Dream. Throughout my life, I’ve faced many challenges. When I was four I was diagnosed with Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD). In college, I’ve been able to succeed despite my ADHD, but the Teas test it was difficult. During my reading section, it was hard for me to focus and my anxiety became high. I have performed extremely well in all my classes and when it come to hands on activities, but I’ve always struggled when it comes to taking a timed test for reading. Throughout my life, I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve had. Achieving my dreams means everything to me, which allowed me to develop these traits: I’m passionate, dedicated, and diligent in my professional and personal life.

Mikayla from Maryland
College Junior
University of Maryland, Baltimore